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Coffee Time Seeks Reviewers and Interviewers

If you’ve ever thought about being a volunteer book reviewer or interviewing your fellow writers, Coffee Time Romance asked me to share this with you.
(They’re a fun bunch of people and make you feel like family).

Have you thought of an exciting career as a member of our Coffee Crew at Coffee Time Romance & More?

We have a great retirement plan….wait, no we don’t

We have a wonderful medical plan….wait, no we don’t

We have a full stocked cafeteria….wait, no we don’t


What we do have….laughter, readers, authors, and lots of books! If you are looking for the best bunch of people on the planet (no, we are not bias), then you need to join our Coffee Crew.

We are looking for reviewers and interviewers. Don’t worry, we have a wonderful and supportive staff that will hold your hand and walk you through all of it!

Want to walk on the dark side….cough….want to join our little family? Contact us today!

Friday Ramblings From An Author-Popular Genres

I just read an article in Publisher’s Weekly about the best books of the first half of the year. Seems if you enjoy writing young adult novels you’re in luck because they dominated the bestseller lists.

I always tell my writing students never to write to trends because they go out of fashion quickly but maybe the YA market is here to stay for awhile. I’m wondering if it’s young adults reading them or their parents. I have to admit I’ve read more than a few and some of them are great. In fact, I only wish they’d been these sort of books around when I was younger.

A rainy day here and perfect for catching up on work and planning out goals for the rest of the year. I definitely want to get a mystery written by the end of the year. I never seem to squeeze it into my regular writing time so maybe I’ll have to write it in longhand and carry a notebook with me, penning it whenever I can.

It’s hard to believe that next week we’re half done with July. August will be here before you know it. Back to school is a great time for writers because lots of paper, pens, and all the good stuff you need for our trade go on sale.

This week I worked on my third story in the Big Sky County series and hope to get the first draft finished over the weekend. Not sure when my next release will be but I do know it’s Loving The Bear, Book Three in Kalispell Shifters series, and will probably be sometime later this month.

Have a good week and happy writing.



Monday Writing Prompt-You Can Never Go Home

For this week’s writing prompt, create a story that opens with the line, ‘you can never go home’.

Lots you can do with this one and lots of genres you can use…top two I’m thinking about are sci-fi and mystery.

Have fun and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings From An Author-It’s July

If you’re in the US, hope you’re having an enjoyable Fourth of July. Summer’s been underway for a couple of weeks but I always think it doesn’t officially start until July. Maybe that’s because when I was growing up school holidays didn’t begin until the end of July.

Anyone read any good books yet this summer? A few years ago I found a book at a garage sale that contained three Anne Tyler stories, A Patchwork Planet, Ladder of Years and Saint Maybe. I’d seen a few TV movies based on her stories but hadn’t read any of the books. I decided my garage sale find had sat on the shelf long enough so I began reading A Patchwork Planet the other evening and I’m really enjoying it. Guess I have another favorite author to add to my list.

I got my second Big Sky County story to Evernight and now I’m working on the third one. This one I’m making a little more humorous. I’m also working on another short historical, and the fourth Kalispell Shifter story. Next release should be Loving the Bear, the third shifter story, but I’m not sure of the release date yet. I’m guessing it will be at the end of the month and as always I’m eager to see the cover.


Have a fun writing week.

Friday Ramblings From An Author-April or May?

The calendar says May but today it feels more like April again. Not sure what’s going on with the weather these days but maybe that’s the start of a good story.

And speaking of good stories, if you have one to submit and frustrated that lots of the big publishing houses require you to have an agent, June might be lucky for you.

In this month’s issue of Writer’s News they had an article about publishing house Jonathan Cape opening its doors to unagented submissions from June 1-30th. You can send them the first 50 pages via e-mail. I have a mystery that I have about 75% completed and I’m tempted to submit it.

If anyone else is interested in submitting something, here’s the link and good luck

I was hoping to have my book cover for next week’s release to share with you today, but I haven’t received it yet. I did finish my first story in my new series. All the stories will be set in the make believe place of Big Sky County.

Next up for me is a new Perfect Pairing story and I’m also going to try working on a mystery at the same time. Since I took part in last year’s NaNoWriMo, writing two or more stories at once has worked in my favor, so fingers crossed.

Happy writing and have a good week.

The Monday Writing Prompt-Fool Me Once

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. What happens to your character? Is he or she the one who pulls the prank? Or does someone get the upper hand over them? Either way, what are the consequences?

The Monday Writing Prompt-Another Time Idea

The clocks sprang forward this past weekend. For this writing prompt your character can’t account for 24 hours of time. What happened?

Promotional Events with Coffee Time Romance

If anyone’s looking for ways to promote their books here are two ideas from my friends at Coffee Time Romance-

Coffee Time Romance & More is scheduling author events….

We are open for live chat scheduling for 2014. You can schedule dates for our Tuesdays or other days of the week depending on your schedule. Our new chat room allows book covers, copying text, pasting in blurbs and links, and saving a transcript. Our chat room is also compatible with mobile devices and readers love it! You can see it here

Contact our Live Chat Coordinator, Cassie, to set up a date:

If you’re an author or publisher looking for ways to get the word out about your book(s) then consider scheduling a forum or e-loop chat with Coffee Time Romance & More! Contact Regina here:

A Review of Self-Publishing: Writing A Book And Publishing Books And E-Books For Yourself And Others by William Benitez


Over the holidays I finally got a chance to finish reading William Benitez’s book on self publishing. If you’re thinking about adding some titles on this topic to your bookshelf, here’s my review.

As someone very interested in self-publishing, I’ve read lots of books on this subject. One thing I preferred about this title was most of the information was brand new to me. Mr. Benitez offers you a been there, done that approach which will probably cut down on the learning curve for many of us.

He includes lots of screen shots to help clarify what he’s talking about…which is great for techno phobics like myself.

And added plus for me was he talks a lot about using the Serif Page Plus software which I happen to own but haven’t really explored yet. This book and his advice gave me lots of confidence to do just that, and then put it to good use in my own self-publishing adventure. In fact, it could a boom to self-publishers who don’t have a big budget. So if you own this low-cost software or thinking about buying it, then this is must read. And for others, I think it’s a good pick because it delves into self publishing topics other books haven’t tackled.

Coffee Time Romance Promotion Sale

My friends at Coffee Time Romance ( asked if I’d pass this along. If you’re thinking of promoting and advertising your books in 2014 they have a Holiday sale going on-

Tis the Season to Save on Promos (falalala)

Book Brew (Blog Event)

January : New Starts and Second Chances. Does your book feature a character whose heart has been broken so badly s/he does not dare trust and love again? How about one who has suffered some really terrible hardship or trauma-physical, financial or emotional, but is going on with grit and determination to earn that happy ending? Maybe one who hurt or left the love of his or her life only to run into them again unexpectedly and maybe have a chance to win them back? This is the kind of inspiring stories we are looking for this month. Hit us with your best shot!

February: Well, what can we possibly do in February but celebrate love and romance!? Let’s see Romeo and Juliet with a surprise happy ending, Any of those classic love stories but told with your unique and special twist. While hearts and flowers and sweet sentiment are nice, many people do not fall in love that way or work their way to the HEA that way so tell it like it is. Give us real people with real problems but finally ending up together and knowing –as we will also-that they’ll be together truly until death do them part!

March: March is Myth Madness with St. David’s Day falling on March 1, the ides of March on the 15 and St Patrick’s on the 17th. Everyone loves a good myth, Greek, Norse, Roman, Celtic, even Native American or Asian. Readers want it; we’ve got it. From kilted lads, the brave and ardent Irishman, the hero or heroine from mystic Wales, arrogant deities, selfish nymphs, the stories go on . They can be ancient, medieval or modern but let’s celebrate the mythical mayhem that has come down to us over the centuries and still fires our imagination and ardor! Dance a jig with a leprechaun, ride the waves with Neptune, take a tour of Mt. Olympus, throw a thunderbolt with Thor. Music, good eats, sentiment, bravery, mysticism, warriors and monsters permeate mythology; share it with our readers!

If you want a guaranteed spot, contact Our Book Brew Coordinator, Gaye today.

Interviews…we have opened up the 2014 spots

Yearly Membership – On Sale for $25.00 – Click here

Take advantage of this membership and get the month you need!
•A personal interview with your book cover on interview (scheduling based on availability)
•Book cover up at one of our Yahoo groups (PG & Adult rated groups) for 7 days
•We will create an author group for you to keep your readers informed of what you are doing and your releases.
•Add all upcoming chats, your book signing, your Launch Party, and more to our live calendar.
•We will list your web site on our Blog
•Web Site listed in our site for readers to find you
•Keep you informed of special events that will help you with the promotion of your book and/or authors in your field.

New This Month – Spots Open for 2014
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Show readers your new release book cover on the front page of Coffee Time Romance & More.

On the 1st of each month, we put up new book covers linked to your website for readers to find.

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Coffee House Author Membership
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Show readers your new release book cover on the front page of Coffee Time Romance & More.

On the 1st of each month, we put up new book covers linked to your website for readers to find.

Please check with us before making your purchase to ensure availability.


December Special – FREE with your Purchase of one of these promo items (above) (Normally $10)

Are you looking for a different way to get in touch with readers and let them know about contests, events, or blurb/cover? This is a great way to do it!

Once a month (around the 10th) we send out an eNewsletter to readers who have requested to get this type of information in their mail box….an entire eMail newsletter filled with Contest and Author news.

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