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Teaching Schedule For My Online Workshops

If you’re wondering about the content of the workshops I’m offering in 2014, here’s a little more detail to help you decide which ones right for you-

Are We There Yet?
For the beginning and intermediate writer

Are you just about ready to send out that manuscript to an editor or agent? This course will cover a basic checklist for getting your manuscript in tip-top shape. I’ll focus on some of the biggest problems found in manuscripts, everything from head-hopping to flat sounding dialogue. How to look at your work with a new set of eyes. The workshop will also touch upon getting a synopsis and cover letter together. And the all-important topic of knowing when your work’s actually ready to send out.

I Used to Hate Writing the Synopsis but Not Anymore
For the beginning and intermediate writer

Writing a synopsis is a necessary evil so even if you’d rather clean the house than sit down and tackle one, this workshop will show you how to start loving the task. What makes a good synopsis, what should you and shouldn’t you include. This workshop focuses on writing both the long and short synopsis and also writing a query letter and writing blurbs and taglines too.

Whose Head Are We In…The Nitty Gritty of POV
For the beginning and intermediate writer

One of the first mistakes new writers make is running afoul of slips in Point of View and being guilty of the dreaded head-hopping syndrome. It’s a mistake that shouts amateur writer to an editor and is easily fixed. In this workshop you’ll learn all about POV, what it is, what it can do for every aspect of your story, how to avoid head-hopping, and knowing whose POV to use to tell your story.

Getting ready for NaNoWriMo
For the beginning, intermediate and advanced writer

Are you thinking about taking the challenge and writing a novel during the month of November? This workshop will act as a primer for doing just that. Think of it as a mini course for preparing to write your book. During the workshop topics covered will include getting ideas and narrowing them down. Picking the perfect characters for your story. Creating top-notch dialogue. Dealing with POV. Working from an outline so you don’t get lost mid-way through the month. How to find the motivation to stay the course, even when the Holidays beckon. Setting and sticking with your schedule. And a host of other tips to help you along the way.

This month I’m teaching two one hour long webinars-
Writing the continuing Series


I used To Hate Writing a Synopsis, but not any more-Colorado Romance Writers (5-30)
Whose Head Are We In-The Nitty Gritty of POV-LRWA

Are We There Yet?-Yosemite Romance Writers
I Used to Hate Writing a Synopsis-LRWA

Writing the Continuing Series-Yosemite Romance Writers
Writing the Short Story-LRWA

Crafting the Short Story
POV-Colorado RWA

I Used To Hate Writing a Synopsis…but not anymore-Yosemite Romance Writers

Writing the Continuing Series-LRWA

Currently Open

Currently Open

Writing the Continuing Series
Crafting the Short Story-Colorado RWA

Currently Open

Currently Open

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