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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Self-Publishing Made Easy

Welcome to summer…or winter if you’re in the southern part of the world. It doesn’t feel much like summer today but I’m not complaining because the cooler temps are just fine with me.

This week I’ve been participating in an online retreat. Not a writing one, but workshops that center around creativity. One common theme is that sometimes, even when we’re busy, we need to take a step back from our work or even take a few days off. The workshops have been my much needed recharge…I even followed along with the yoga workshop this morning.

The taking a few hours out each day has slowed me down but I think that’s been a good thing because I’ve felt more energized when I’ve got back to work.

I even released a book this afternoon….Self Publishing Made Easy.  Here’s the cover…and yes another one I designed myself.


my highgarden

I’m in the middle of planning a three part class on the topic for Skillshare and hope to get the first part recorded and loaded to their site sometime next week.

So my insight for the week and a tip I’ll pass along to you, even when you’re busy or on the days when you’re trying to write and the muse is up and gone, take a break, do something else and then simply try again.

Have a good week and happy writing to all.

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Friday Ramblings From An Author-I’m So Glad It’s Friday



Ever had one of those weeks?

Yes we all have them and this week it was my turn.

It’s been a hot and humid week and where I live that means storms. And storms mean the power and internet connection goes out more than you’d like.

If you work at home that’s not a good thing. When you can’t go without your cup of tea first thing in the morning that’s a very bad thing!

When the power finally came back on, the internet did too but then it went away again…I’ll cut the story short and say the modem went bad and the technician has just finished installing a new one and outside wiring. I’m so happy that it’s Friday and now I can start to get caught up on my work.

This week has taught me a lot, power up all  your gadgets every night so they’re at full charge should the power go out. Invest in a hotspot for emergency internet connection. Look into buying some portable solar panels. And most of all, buy a camping stove so you can make yourself a cup of tea and be less cranky.

At least I got some work completed before disaster struck and next week….keep those fingers crossed, I’ll be uploading some new classes to Skillshare and completing one of my non-fiction projects.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.

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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Two Books Down and One to Go

It’s been a hot week…and it’s getting hotter, and it’s also been a busy week.

I got rights back to two stories that had appeared in anthologies five years ago. I usually like to give them a rewrite and polish them up some more. Some I like to give a total make-over. It’s amazing how as a writer you look at something you wrote five years ago and think, did I really write like this once? Hence the need for a rewrite but one of these old stories was still okay with me. The other just needs switching it from an historical to contemporary so it fits in with a new series I created for some of these back titles. So far I’ve managed to release one and working on the other, here’s the cover-

Vanessa Devereaux


I’m pleased to say I even got a non-fiction book uploaded to Amazon today. It’s a short one about organizing and decluttering, something I did lots of last year and finally found things that work so thought I’d share them with the world.

Here’s the cover of that one-

a sparkof hope


Both covers were created by myself which brings me to another piece of news…I sold my first piece of art. Not sure if you can call it selling a piece of art but a customer chose my lilac plant sketch to be placed on their coasters. I don’t think I can call myself writer and artist just yet. Making that first sale felt a lot like seeing my first story in print and it’s motivated me to do more.

Have a good week and happy writing to all.

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Friday Ramblings From An Author-New Book

It’s June and the perfect time to see how well you’re doing with your goals for the year. I’m behind with my fiction but that’s probably because I’m getting rights back to a book a month and getting somewhat swamped with work.

At least I managed to get a non-fiction book released and here’s the cover…another one I made myself.

Saving at the Store2


It’s nice to take a break from writing about writing once in awhile.  Saving money and financial topics were a few of my specialties when I was a freelance writer.

I decided to go the Amazon KDP Select route again because so far I’ve been pleased with the results.

I hope to do more catching up in June and my goal is to get two older books released and two new titles, one fiction, and one non-fiction, but we’ll see how things go.

Enjoy the first weekend in June and happy writing to all.


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Workshop Topics for 2018



Hi Everyone,

I’m putting together ideas for workshops for 2018. I’d like to keep some old favorites but I’d also like to add some new topics and this is where you can help me.

What writing topics would you want to see offered in a workshop?

Would you like to see more beginning writing classes or advanced ones?

How about topics like getting motivated to write?

And finally, would you ever enroll in a summer boot camp where there’s an opportunity to write along with your fellow authors and have a weekly Skype meeting with them and the instructor?

I’d love to hear what you think so either leave a comment or drop me a line at

Many thanks for your help.

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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Holiday Weekend



The last Ramblings in May…where did this month go? It’s a holiday weekend and it’s finally sunny again.

My two May workshops finished today. Next month I’m teaching just one and it’s for the Outreach Chapter of RWA so if you’re thinking about writing an erotic romance (or know someone who is), here’s the link-

I’m close to getting one of my non-fiction projects completed. I’m hoping to get it published next Friday. Well at least that’s my goal.

I’m still working on my WIPS and taking things slower with my fiction right now so I can concentrate on the non-fiction and writing classes.

I’ve got a full day of outside work lined up tomorrow…lots of rain equals lots of weeds. I’m hoping to get my herbs and vegetables planted too and after that some relaxation on the deck.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend (there’ll be no writing prompt on Monday).

Happy writing to all.