Stop Waiting for the Muse

Say hello to today’s guest blogger Judy Penz Sheluk who opens with a quote from one of my favorite mystery writers…   I love that quote, not just because it means that even someone as prolific as Christie had the occasional struggle to get the words down, but because it absolutely sums up the life…

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Critiquing…a Necessary Evil

Let’s wish today’s guest blogger a happy birthday and send her good vibes as she waits for news about two stories that are with editors. Say hello to Debbi Crocovia who I know from working with her at the Outreach International Chapter of RWA. Here she shares with us tips on critiquing your work….and thank you…

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Food For Thought

Say hello to Kryssie Fortune, today’s guest blogger, who proves an added bonus to writing a book is researching it…yes, you never know what you’ll uncover… We all love a good meal, Britain’s Prince Regent – later George IV –more than most. The press pilloried the Prince Regent for his obesity and huge appetite. When researching…

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