Let’s Get Those Goals Written

Why do I think it’s important to set some goals before you start to write? Saying you’re going to write a book sounds daunting. And yes, it is. Lots of people say they’re going to do it but few actually get the job done. It has nothing to do with talent or writing ability. Bottom line is it’s…

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A Little of This and That

  No guest blogger this week, instead it’s me. I thought I’d use this space to post an assortment of things. Lots of people ask me about publishing trends. If you know me well, you already know I say not to focus too much on them because they come and go. However, if you’re self publishing,…

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Free Writing Class

  Many of you know I teach online classes exclusively for OIRW which is a chapter of the Romance Writers of America.  I always try to add  new classes each year. I brainstormed ideas for 2020 and came up with the idea of teaching a three month writing retreat where all classes are taught online. Everything…

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