In The Hot Seat with Sheila Norton

Currently Reading….  ‘The Etymologicon’ by Mark Forsyth.  I love words, and I’m fascinated by how English phrases originated, and so is this author! It’s very informative, but light and humorous.

Currently Watching…. A DVD set of ‘The Bridge’, a series we missed earlier this year. Very complex plot, very intriguing!Guilty Pleasure… Pints of bitter! 

Best Advice You Ever Got… When I had no idea what to do after leaving school, Mum advised me to take a secretarial course. Secretarial classes had got her out of poverty and factory jobs as a 14 year old school-leaver in the East End of London, so it was the best advice she could offer me. But to me, it just sounded boring!  However, my typing and shorthand qualifications actually opened up so many possibilities for me. I was able to try working in a publishing company, a fashion company, and finally settled on a career in the NHS.  And without my touch-typing skills, my writing career would have been so much harder!

A Country or Town You’d Like to Visit… I’ve always wanted to see the Italian Lakes, and we’re finally going to Lake Como this September! Can’t wait – everyone I know who has been there has said it’s wonderful.

Highly Recommend You Read This Title… ‘The Cellist of Sarajevo’ by Steven Galloway. It’s the story of ordinary people living through the siege of Sarajevo, under constant threat of sniper fire. Very moving.

I’m Shameless Self Promoting… My latest book ‘Sophie Being Single’, currently only available as a Kindle e-book at .

It’s the first in a new series about three sisters with very different lives. Sophie is the eldest of the three but still has no intention of settling down and having children like her younger siblings. So why do all her friends, and all her hairdressing clients, turn to her for advice about the men in their lives?!

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