Friday Ramblings from a Writer

It’s always great to get a copy of a publication and see your article in it. This week my article on safe sprouting appeared in the July/August issue of the Mix. Also, check out the July issue of The Writer because it features my piece on freebies for writers.

One of the toughest things for me is waiting to hear about a story or book proposal I’ve submitted. I know it’s the name of the game in this business but sorry to say patience isn’t one of my virtues. One book has been out since January and I hope any day now I’ll hear something.

I write short stories and also tutor a short story course. Next year I’ll be offering a workshop on the topic. I found this UK link to a contest for short stories. It’s got some wonderful tips on writing them  too

Check out tip #7, it’s something I tell my students time and time again. I think it’s a reason lots of stories, whether they be short stories or novels, get a rejected.

This week I did first round edits for the final story of my Just for Your Pleasure trilogy. Worked on my romantic suspense story and also got started on book three in my Perfect Pairing series.

Next week has a holiday in the center and the perfect day for a break. A nice cold drink and a good book while seating on the deck.

Have a good weekend and happy writing!

Friday Ramblings


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