Friday Ramblings From A Writer

It’s definitely summer, hot and humid and sometimes that’s good for doing lots of writing, but sometimes it isn’t.

This week saw the release of my second Perfect Pairing book from Evernight Publishing. On Sunday, my second book in the Just For Your Pleasure trilogy from Cobblestone Press is released…still waiting to see the cover of that one. Sometimes that’s the most fun part!

Remember I was waiting to hear about some book proposals? Heard back about two of them, and it’s great news, two book contracts. One is another how to for writers and the other one is based on my money saving blog The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to the Universe. I’ve got lots of work ahead of me  and probably most of the rest of the summer and early fall will be focused on these two projects.

Fiction wise, still working away at my next romantic suspense and the third Perfect Pairing book.

Sometimes it’s not all plain sailing for writers, we get rejections, tough edits, stories that aren’t working out like we planned but I’ve found something that’s sure to make me smile when it’s one of those days so I’ve bookmarked it. I read the online versions of  several UK newspapers and saw this story about an orphaned kitten in one of them. The accompanying photos were so cute that I think you’ll agree you can’t do anything else but smile when you see them, even if you’re not a cat person. I’m guessing this little guy finds a home very soon.

Happy writing and have a good weekend.

Friday Ramblings


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