Friday Ramblings From A Writer

At last we have some cooler temperatures in my neck of the woods. I know it means summer’s winding down but it’s the perfect opportunity to do some writing outside. These next couple of weeks are also ideal for getting organized for fall.  Every day I keep promising to clean and organize my home office but it just doesn’t get done.

These days you can’t read anything about books and writing without something thrown in about self-publishing. It seems more writers are going that route and making a decent living. With the still bad economy that seems to be worldwide, I’m wondering if more people will turn to this venture to make their living or even open their own companies. Here’s one interesting article I found on YahooUK yesterday-

Despite the summer slow down in the writing business, I still haven’t taken my usual two week break I allow myself every year. This last week it’s been more research, contacting sources for interviews, editing some upcoming books, and of course, writing. I’m hoping to take a break over the Labor Day weekend, but whenever I say that something else comes up.

Tuesday sees the release of my next novel, Worth Waiting For which will be published by Evernight. This past week they also offered me a contract for my first story for their Romance On The Go line. It’s a story set at Christmas and will be released in December. I can’t wait to see the cover for that one.

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings


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