Friday Ramblings From A Writer

I know it’s not Friday yet but as tomorrow will be the beginning of a holiday weekend, I’m taking the day off.. No computer, no checking and answering e-mails, and no writing. I can’t remember the last time I took a break from all that. Plus, the workshop I’m teaching begins on Monday so I thought it was Friday or never.

My lazy days used to be devoted to reading.  For me the ideal afternoon consists of a comfy chair, a great mystery, a cup of tea, and either a scone or cookie, either of which usually contains chocolate.

It’s been a slow week and it seems no one’s been at their desk or answering e-mails. I’m sure everyone’s enjoying the last week of summer before children return to school and schedules get hectic again.

This week I’ve being designing the cover of the e-book version of How To Write A Romance Novel. I’ve got three I like but can’t narrow it down. I’m using the Serif PagePlus x5 and have been enjoying getting creative with it. It’s something completely different to writing. Best thing is if you make a mistake you can start all over again. Next will come the hard part, putting everything together and loading it onto the sites for sale. While Compass Books will be publishing and selling the paperback version, the electronic version will be my first attempt at being a self-publisher. So stay turned to hear about that journey.

Happy writing and have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Friday Ramblings


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