Friday Ramblings From An Author

You know you’re busy when you eat your lunch sitting in front of your computer. And sometimes it’s one of the perils of being self-employed. This week I feel my do list isn’t getting any shorter despite me doing more work. Anyone else ever feel that way?

It’s been a mixed week of teaching, editing, promoting, and of course writing. And when you work for yourself, it’s a constant battle to look ahead a few months to set up more work.

The freelance market isn’t looking that rosy. I’ve had a couple of editors tell me to hold off on pitching story ideas to them because they have a backlog. These days you need to constantly change and adapt so now my focus is more on book projects and teaching.

One thing I’m considering is offering my own writing workshops. I realized that no one had picked up my writing a synopsis class for 2013 and as it’s a valuable resource for every writer, I’m seriously thinking about setting up an online classroom to teach that skill.

October will also be a busy month for me. I’m teaching two workshops, and have three new releases set for publication. This week I got a contract for another story for the Romance on The Go line from Evernight. My next release is from Cobblestone Press (Blue) September 15th and it’s titled Friends With Benefits. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover-

Despite being busy I’ve managed to watch some great detective shows on Netflix. One I’m hooked on is Vera which is about a female DCI. For those of you in the UK you’ve probably already seen it but if you haven’t, check it out. So far I’ve watched three episodes. They’re based on books written by Ann Cleeves. This series is set in Northumberland where my grandfather grew up and is beautifully filmed, plus, the acting and writing are both top notch. I always like it when I watch something, love it and discover it’s based on a book. The same thing happened while I was watching Longmire this summer. Now I have two new to me authors to check out… as if my to do list wasn’t long enough already!

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings

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