Friday Ramblings From an Author

There’s something about the change of seasons that has me wanting to look through old stories that didn’t sell and redo them. This past week that’s exactly what I did with two short mystery stories. Fingers crossed that this time they find a home.

Something else I got an inclination to do was rearrange my office. I hate to say it but I’m only half way done and right now it looks worse than before. Completing the task is on my to do list for next week.

Lots of people ask me when did I feel like I was a real writer. I think if you write, you’re a writer, but there are times when you feel like it’s a bit more than in your own mind. I was searching online and found a link to the UK bookstore W.H. Smith and my name. The connection being that their online store will be selling my How To Write a Romance Novel. When I was growing up in the UK, if my parents went shopping in a town with a W.H Smith that’s where I’d want to spend hours looking through all the books. Sometimes I had to be dragged away. Visiting those stores is one thing I’ve missed about no longer living in the UK. When I saw that they’d be selling one of my books (okay, it might not make it into one of the brick and mortar stores), I felt like I’d arrived…I am now a writer.

I’m hoping to slowly add more helpful content for writers to this site and I have some interviews with editors and news about a new fiction market that I’ll be posting here soon.

And yes, you know how I love to shamelessly self-promote. This week it’s the two workshops that I’ll be teaching next month. One is the how to write a synopsis class.  And the second one The Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction. Here are the links if anyone’s interested-

Have a good weekend and happy writing.



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