Friday Ramblings From An Author

Do you ever feel like you’ve written so much during the week that you’ll go crosseyed and won’t be able to spell simple words like ‘the’? It’s been one of those weeks for me.

 I’ve been rewriting a book proposal for a cookbook so yesterday was spent thinking more about recipes than writing. And yes, I did get hungry which is a drawback when you work from home and fridge is so close by.

My POV workshop is winding to a close and another starts on Monday, another on Friday. The last two of the year.

I was hoping to show you the cover for my Thursday release from Evernight called Someone Like You but for some reason I can’t load images onto the site any more, if I type in links, the post disappears, and I can no longer add tags. I’ve contacted WordPress and hopefully they can help this non-techie figure out what’s going on.

Speaking of Evernight. They turn Two next month and have a blog hop. This site will be one of the stops so hopefully the glitch with WordPress will be fixed in time and I hope you’ll stop by.

Anyone planning to write a novel this November? I think I’ll use it as the perfect opportunity to finish my romantic suspense novel.

Enjoy the last weekend in September and happy writing.

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