Friday Ramblings From A Writer

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the site this week to celebrate Evernight Publishing’s second birthday and left comments. And if haven’t already stopped by my other site I’m giving away a copy of Just Vamps. It’s the 13 author anthology devoted just to vampires and is released next week.

Speaking of vampires, one of my guilty pleasures was back on TV last night. The Vampire Diaries. During its first season I just happened to watch an episode and have been hooked since. It’s one of the best show for keeping you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes I don’t know how they manage to fit in so many cliffhangers in one episode.

And October wouldn’t be complete without some ghostly goings on. On Monday my first ghost story is released. It’s called Ghost Lover and will be published by Cobblestone Press. If you haven’t already seen the cover, here it is.

If horror is your favorite genre I found this interesting list of the top ten stories. Something to check out for Halloween-

I’m in the process of giving the electronic version of How To Write a Romance Novel a final read through before it’s formatted and heads to the ‘stores’. Once it’s all finished and ready I’ll be giving away a copy.

Lately I’ve been writing lots of shorter stories which I find really helps me when it’s time to switch back to full length novels. Don’t know if anyone else has found it works for them too.

And my big news of the week…I was offered a contract from MuseIt Up Publishing for Death Likes Me, my mystery about a female PI. It should be released in June 2013. Have a good weekend and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings

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