Friday Ramblings From An Author

Happy November. How many of you are attempting to write a novel this month? My goal is to finally finish the romantic suspense story I’ve been working on since…well, it seems like most of the summer. I’ve been sidetracked by one too many other story ideas and my freelance work.

It’s almost the end of the year and the perfect time to think about writing goals. What ones did you achieve this year? Which ones fell by the wayside? And how about 2013? What are some of your goals for the New Year. Mine are to write the next installment of my mystery featuring female PI Niki Webber. To finish the mystery I started last year…yes, I know it’s one of my failed goals of 2012. And to write at least three more stories in the Perfect Pairing series.

November sees three releases…actually four if I count my self pubbed e-version of How To Write a Romance Novel. The paperback is released on November 16th and is already on the bestseller’s list at Amazon. I’m still waiting to get proofs of the e-book and hopefully that will in stores within the next few weeks. My other two releases are Confession of Love and Stranger in Town. I got the artwork for that this week and here’s a peek-

I probably don’t have to tell you that the big buzz this week in the writing world was about  the merger of  publishing giants Penquin and Random House. That’s been the big topic on most of my writing group loops.  The publishing landscape is changing at a pace I’ve never seen before and I wonder what 2013 will bring.

Okay, that’s it for this rambling. I’m off to do some editing and then more writing.

To all my fellow Brits, have a fun Guy Fawkes Night, and to everyone, a wonderful weekend and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings

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