Friday Ramblings From An Author-Happy New Year

This is my first ramblings of the year. And Happy New Year to you all.

I did take some time off over Christmas, watched some movies and caught up with my reading. Now it’s back to work. Most of this week has been devoted to editing. I’m currently working on edits for an upcoming story, the first in my new Trilogy called Big Bad Bosses, from Cobblestone Press.  A new Romance on the Go story for Evernight, and also my mystery Death Likes Me.

My next release is January 17th from Evernight called This Cowboy’s Heart. I also heard that Saturday Night Blues, my Valentine’s Day, story will be released February 13th. Hope to get the cover for that one soon.

I was excited to see that How to Write a Romance Novel, both the print and e-book versions, made it to number one in the romance and writing category at Amazon Canada.

And Santa was very nice to me as I got a new computer. Well, actually I haven’t got it yet but it’s on its way. I decided to get rid of both my old laptop and desktop and just go with a laptop from now on. I know it will seem strange as I usually use the laptop exclusively for my fiction work, but we’ll see how it goes.

So what are your writing goals and plans for the year? I’ve found if I write mine down or break them into more doable lists I get more achieved.

 Have a good weekend and happy writing

Friday Ramblings


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