Friday Ramblings From An Author

Hope it’s been a good week for everyone. It’s supposed to get very cold where I live which I suppose isn’t all bad. It makes for the perfect excuse to stay indoors and write or read…or yes, watch a good movie too.

This week I’ve been doing more of my edits for upcoming stories. I had two stories released this week. I also saw that How To Write a Romance Novel is a bestseller at Omni Lit, and in the top five in the Language Arts category. It seems like it’s a good time to be working on a romance story because sales in that genre were up 35% last year.

And it wasn’t all about big names last year. I found this interesting article on Yahoo UK about indie authors who found big success-

And if you’re thinking about targeting the UK market, I found this link through one of my writer’s groups. A very useful article about what editors are currently looking for-

I’m working on a new book proposal for yet another cookbook. I also turned down a contract offer for one book and have decided to go the self publishing route instead.

And speaking of being a self publisher, I mentioned I was publishing The Brazen Ladies Trilogy with Feed A Read as I have print rights to all three stories. Just this morning I uploaded it to their site and I’m now waiting to see the proof. The whole process was very simple and if I say that, it really is!

 I also bought a stock photo for the cover and tried to create it myself but had to give up so Judy at Goddess Fish Promotions came up with this one for me-

The Brazen Ladies Trilogy FINAL

Stay warm, have a good weekend, and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings

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