Friday Ramblings From An Author

Anyone set writing goals for the year? And if so, how are they going? One of mine was to finally finish the romantic suspense novel I started last year. I got sidetracked with editing, writing shorter books, and the cookbook, but last month I made a note that it had to be sent to my critique partner by the end of February. Sometimes writing something down so you look at it every day is all it takes and now I’m nearly done with it.

The crafting the short story workshop kicked off this week. It’s always fun teaching something new because as you plan lessons you sometimes think about aspects of writing that were previously untapped. While I was working on the lesson on plotting I had a Eureka moment about how to explain the essential part of plotting a short story versus a novel. The whole thing has made me think about writing a book on penning a short story and yes, I think I’ll go the self-pub route with that one too.

My next release is this Wednesday, a Valentine’s Day themed story and I’m still waiting to get the book cover for it.

Next up after that it’s the Vampire’s Seduction, book two in the Big Bad Bosses trilogy. I said I’d never write a vampire story, then I wrote one for Just Vamps and had so much fun I decided to try another. Here’s the cover, and thank you Rebecca for doing such a great job with it-


All writers need to get away from the computer for a bit. Sometimes it’s to squeeze in some exercise. Where I live doing that outside isn’t possible in the winter so I’ve turned to my tread mill. I’m the type who bores easily so I’ve been reading books on my Kindle while walking a mile and half each day. This week my focus as been on self-publishing books and there are lots of good ones out there.

And stop by this site on Monday because I’ll be posting an interview with the editor at Story Teller Magazine.

Stay warm, Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy writing too.

Friday Ramblings


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