Friday Ramblings From An Author

Hope you’ve had a good week. I finally got my romantic suspense finished. Nothing more satisfying than typing the last word of a story, especially when it’s one you started the year before.

And then of course, when you’re done with one story, you start thinking about your next. I have a notebook that I use to jot down ideas. It might be titles for books, character sketches, or even snippets of dialogue. Some of these sit in the notebook forever while others are used within weeks. I also have lots of stories stored on my computer that are in various states of progress. I thought about restarting a few of them but then opted to go with a new story.

The short story workshop is almost at the half way point. Recently there’s been lots of talk about short stores and their future. Like I told the students at the beginning of the workshop, I think they’re far from dead and it’s all to do with electronic publishing. I also saw this article about the YA market and short stories . Here’s a link if you want to check it out-

I think the young adult market is going to be one of the fastest growing ones in the next couple of years, so if that’s where your interest lies, then I’d say go for it.

I also saw an article about re-reading books that you studied at school. Mostly the classics we were probably reluctant to read at the time, but it  got be thinking about books I loved while I was growing up. Maybe it would be fun to pick out a few now and then and look at them from a different perspective now that I’m a writer myself.

Do you have any favorite books that you’d like to read again?

Hope you checked out my interview with Regina Williams. I have another one that I’ll post on Monday. This time it’s with the editor of Pages of Stories. This Writer’s Life is also now a blog tour partner for Goddess Fish Promotions so you’ll see more interviews with authors in the coming months.

If there’s an author or editor you’d like to know more about just e-mail me with your suggestions and I’ll see if I can persuade them to stop by the site for a chat.

Have a good weekend, and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings


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