Friday Ramblings From An Author

Spring arrives next week and after the cold and snow I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to winter. Not that I don’t like getting comfy on the couch and either writing or reading a good book, but there’s something about the change in seasons that sparks creativity.

If you have time stop by the Coffeetime Romance forum and say hello. I’ve been answering questions about writing a romance novel. Next week, I’m finishing things up with tips about writing a synopsis and during the last week of March taking questions and picking two winners of the giveaway. One is an e-book of How to Write a Romance Novel and the other win will get feedback on their synopsis.

Yesterday I got my cover for next Wednesday’s release Maybe This Time-


My next release after that is book four in the Perfect Pairing series which is released April 11th. I have to say these books are some of my favorite to write and after I’m done with my current WIP, I’ll be tackling book five.

I’ve been asked to put together class proposals for workshops for 2014. Yes, it seems early to be doing that but it got me thinking about topics. I’m considering all new topics for next year, or maybe offering my older workshops myself and teaching them through Yahoo or Google Groups.

I’m in the process of also putting together some ideas to pitch to writing magazines. The best way I know how to do that is to look through back copies and see what’s been done and how it’s been approached.

Have a good weekend and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Friday Ramblings

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