Friday Ramblings From An Author-Happy April

It’s been a busy week with a little bit of everything which is how  I like it. I did final proofs of the galleys for The One and Only which will be released on April 19th. And before I forget, here’s the cover of Death Likes Me which was created by Karen Phillips who I think did a wonderful job.


This summer I plan to write the second Niki Webber mystery.  It ‘s been years since I created this character so it’s going to be strange getting back to her story again.

Last year I also started another mystery that back in 2008 made the longlist for The Harry Bowling prize. One of the requirements was it had to be set in London. Since then I’ve toyed with the idea of setting it somewhere else and have been brainstorming like crazy.  All this thinking now has me wondering if I should turn this into a series too.

A few days ago I finished the final draft of my latest work in progress and it’s now with my critique partner. It’s always exciting to get another book finished. My next one…the fifth book in the Perfect Pairing series. This one will focus on one of Jake and Mitchell’s Army buddies.  Book four should be released sometime this month and I’m looking forward to seeing the cover for that.

And I registered for the eBook Bootcamp, here’s the link if anyone’s interested- It looks like lots of good stuff on offer.

The synopsis workshop got underway on Monday and I have to admit it’s one of my favorite ones to teach. Next month it’s the POV workshop.

And to finish things off for the week, I finally got around to updating my Susan Palmquist Web site…been on my to do list for some time.

Have a good weekend, and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings

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