Friday Ramblings From An Author

It’s been spring and it’s also been winter. Yes, it snowed again today. I haven’t decided whether cold or warm weather is better for writing.

We have just a handful of people registered so far in the POV workshop that begins on Monday, so if you know anyone who wants to brush up on their point of view skills pass along the information. It’s nice to have a small group but more people always makes for better interaction for everyone.

And before I forget…last Friday I didn’t have the cover for my latest release Letting Go so here it is. If you’re wondering why dogs feature on the cover, the heroine runs a doggie daycare and is looking after the hero’s dog while he’s been serving in the army.


My next release is from Cobblestone Press. The Vampire’s Seduction which is published on May 15th. Cobblestone changed their schedule on new releases so this got pushed back from March.

And Tell Me No Lies, my next romantic suspense will be released by Evernight on June 14th.

My next goal is to finish the non-fiction book I’m working on, also the next story in the Perfect Pairing series and then start on another Niki Webber story as a follow up to Death Likes Me. I have lots of other stories in my head and sometimes figuring out what to work on next is a challenge. I used to write only on weekdays but now find myself including weekends too.

Hope you have a good weekend, and for those in the UK, a safe extended holiday weekend. Happy Writing.

Friday Ramblings

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