Friday Ramblings From An Author-Perfect Day

The weather’s beautiful which means the temptation to sit outside is too hard to resist.  I’m lucky to live in a very peaceful neighborhood which is perfect for writing, and while I always write to background music when I’m inside, on the deck all I need is the sound of the water falling onto the rocks in the pond.

Any of you write to music? Many, many years ago I couldn’t write unless I had all my favorite tunes blaring in the background. I liked to think the creative bunch of people whose music I enjoyed inspired and motivated me to write better stories.

However, when I came out of my ten year stretch of not being able to write, things had changed. I couldn’t listen to anything with lyrics and slowly found my way back by listening to instrumental pieces.

This week it’s been editing for me and also working on a short romance story. I hope to have the first draft finished in the next couple of days. And then I’m planning to work on two longer pieces at the same time. I’ve done it before so I know it can be achieved.

I’m also hoping to take part in the national write a book in a month event this November. Yes, I tried that once too and just couldn’t do it. I think the inner critic in me couldn’t get those fingers to fly fast enough across the keys. I’m determined to give it another try. I thought this year would be perfect because I have a book that needs to be written, and also next October I’m teaching a workshop on preparing for the event so thought I’d better give everything a try so I can share my experience and tips with my students.

Anyone else going to give it a try this November? If so, let’s all keep one another motivated.

I still don’t have an exact release date for Seeing Forever or a cover but hope to share both with you soon.

Happy writing and have a good weekend.

Friday Ramblings

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