How To Get Good Reviews On Amazon By Theo Rogers-A Review

MEDIA KIT How To Get Good Reviews JPEGYou probably remember that Theo Rogers stopped by This Writer’s Life a few weeks ago as part of his book tour to promote his book, How To Get Good Reviews On Amazon. He kindly gave me a copy to read so here’s my review-

I always judge a how to book by how much information it offers me that I didn’t know before, and this one scores high. As a book junkie, I visit Amazon’s site a lot and wasn’t aware they have ratings even for the reviewers. Another thing I learned from Theo’s books was you can actually approach them about the possibility of reviewing your book. I thought it was all down to luck. He even takes you through the process of how to contact them and what to say and what not to say.

Theo’s writing is down to earth and easy to read. He didn’t use too much insider jargon and when he did, he explained it.

And if you’re pushed for time, as most of us are these days, the book won’t take you more than an hour to read. I think it’s a book you’re likely to keep on your Kindle or computer just to go back and see what other tips you missed on the first reading. I also think just about anyone can benefit from reading it. Publishers, authors, self publishers, and yes, even people who are thinking of reviewing products and books on Amazon.

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