Friday Ramblings From An Author-Back Rambling

Seems  like it’s been forever since I’ve rambled on a Friday but in reality it’s only been two weeks. Summer’s winding down, days are getting shorter, and I think fall is one of the best times to write and plan upcoming books.

I’m currently working on the sixth book in the Perfect Pairing series. They’re always fun for me, and this one not only focuses on a new hero and heroine, but reintroduces a few previous characters. There are more scenes featuring Sadie and she’s faced with a dilemma that will carry through to book seven.

Last week I got a contract for the final story in my Love Cowboy Style trilogy. The three titles are Courted By A Cowboy, released in October, Breakfast With A Cowboy, a November release, and finally, Christmas With A Cowboy, released in December. They’re all set in Montana and I can’t wait to see the covers for these books.

This week saw the release of Dreaming, my first Romance On The Go title for awhile. Here’s the cover-


Thinking ahead to next year I want to focus on some more romantic suspense and western based stories. I’m also thinking of one set in Victorian England. As the saying goes, so many ideas, so little time.

I’ll be teaching the final workshop of the year next month and it’s the Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction if you know anyone who might like to register.

I’m currently working on revamping all the classes and writing lessons for the new ones. One thing I love about teaching is I always learn something new too.

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings

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