Friday Ramblings From An Author-Writers and Sharp Objects

I was reminded this week just how valuable hands are to us writers. I’m working on some cookbooks and being the multi-tasker that I am have been combining testing recipes with cooking dinner. Recipe of the day on Wednesday, blue cheese fries. Yep, had a little accident when preparing the potatoes and not only did the spuds get sliced but also the thumb on my right hand. It wasn’t until that evening when I sat down to work on my WIP (with my thumb now taped up) that I realized writing was going to be a challenge. Using the mouse and hitting the space key resulted in some salty language until I figured how to do those two tasks without hitting the gash on my thumb.

Looking on the bright side, we can put these type of mishaps to good use. As the blood was dripping over the kitchen sink I kept thinking vampire story! I guess anything, good or bad is story fodder to an author. So question of the week, have you ever used anything that’s happened to you in one of your stories?

I’m hard at work on story three of the Big Sky Cowboys trilogy and thought I’d give a shape shifter story a try after that. I say after that, but as many of you know I sometimes have three or four stories in process at the same time. I came up with an idea for a shifter trilogy so now I’m also working on that too.

The synopsis writing workshop begins Feb 3rd so if anyone’s interested in signing up check the workshop page for the links. I’m updating it and this time it will include how to put together a whole submission package, synopsis, tagline, blurb, and cover letter.

I also began work on my new writing instruction book and hopefully will have it done and uploaded on Amazon within the next month.

Happy writing to all.

Friday Ramblings


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