Friday Ramblings From An Author-Spring Snow

You’ve heard of spring rain but where I live we had spring snow today. It doesn’t look like I’ll be heading outside for any outdoor pursuits (like cleaning up the yard) this weekend so Mother Nature has given me extra time for writing. I knew something good had to come out of it.

It’s been a productive week for writing. More work completed on the cookbook, close to finishing the synopsis book, and my fingers have been flying across the keyboards working on my new shifter story. When that happens I call it being in the zone and time passes without me realizing it.

When I first started writing I’d always conclude that day’s work at the end of a chapter. Then I read that it’s better to quit in the middle of a scene, or even a sentence because it’s easier to pick up the next day and you don’t just sit there looking at a blank screen or page.

I do a little of both and now it’s more a case of where I feel comfortable about quitting for the day. Sometimes I think you poor characters and the situation I’ve left you in!

How about you? Do you have a set word count per day and quit when it’s reached? Or do you stop in the middle of a scene or chapter?

Happy writing and have a good weekend.

Friday Ramblings


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