Friday Ramblings From An Author-Easter Treats

I’m not sure if it’s spring or winter. One day it’s sunny and warmer, next day colder and snowing yet again. One thing’s for sure I’ve been spending more time writing than I usually do this time of the year. On Wednesday I was so sick of snow and cold that I sat myself down and put the finishing touches on my third shifter story.

My next book release is this Wednesday, the third and final book of the Big Sky Cowboy trilogy, Rory. Here’s a look at the cover-

After finishing the shifter story I was in the mood for a cowboy story and I’ve come up with an idea for another trilogy, this time set at the same ranch. I got started on book one yesterday. I might give the technique I learned during last year’s NaNoWriMo another try. That is write all three at the same time and switch back and forth as I go.

It’s Easter weekend and I’ve already indulged in more Reece’s peanut butter eggs than I’d like. One good thing about writing is I’m never tempted to eat or drink while I’m doing it because I’m always scared I’ll drop something on the keyboards.

Happy writing and Happy Easter to all.

Friday Ramblings


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