Friday Ramblings From An Author-Summer Reading

It’s a holiday weekend and the unofficial start of warm weather months which means it’s summer reading season? Everyday another book gets added to my TBR list. Right now I’m up to 15. One that caught my eye was The Last Policeman by Ben H Winters, which is described as a pre-apocalyptic mystery. Anyone read it or any of the books in the series? One thing I love about warm weather is sitting on the deck while the sun’s gradually sinking in the sky and reading a good book.

Do you read more books in winter or summer? For me, I think it’s winter because living in a cold, snowy climate means there’s not much you can do outside. What are some books you’d recommend reading this summer?

One other good thing about summer, Longmire. I can’t wait until June 2nd when the show returns to TV.

Next week is the final one of the Are We There Yet? workshop and then I have a two month break from teaching. I plan to spend it wisely by working on a couple more writing how to’s.

If anyone’s stopped by Forever More Publishing’s site you may have seen my name added to their author list. They’ll be publishing my upcoming historical erotica book called The Pleasure Room which will be released on July 4th.

Right now I’m working on my new Perfect Pairing book and I also began work on the next Kalispell Shifter’s story.

Have a good holiday weekend.

Friday Ramblings

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