Friday Ramblings From An Author-Summer Might Be Here

It’s the first day this year that the air conditioning is calling to be switched on so I guess that means summer has finally arrived. Once some gardening chores are out of the way this weekend, I might take my laptop outside and write which will be another first for this year.

The Are We There Yet? workshop finishes tomorrow and I’ll be teaching it again in August.

This week I added my synopsis writing book to All Romance/Omni-Lit site and will be adding it to the Coffeetime Romance store where I’ll be offering a 10% discount and also a 25% discount on my How To Write A Romance Novel, during the month of June.

I did some more work on the cookbook. It’s almost done but I have to add a few more recipes and think about photos. My initial intent was to publish it as a print and e-book simultaneously, but now I’m swaying more toward print book first. Anyone else self-published a cookbook?

Most of the week I’ve been working on my next Perfect Pairing title. This will be book seven and as yet has no title. Writing the continuing series is going to be the theme of one of the webinars I’m teaching in November, and also theme for a new workshop I’ll be teaching though RWA chapters next year.
I have to say writing a series is a lot of fun especially when you bring back characters from other books and this time around I’ve put the hero in deep trouble, which for a writer is also fun.

I’m now off to get myself a glass of something very cold and then it’s back to writing.

Happy writing and have a fun weekend.

Friday Ramblings


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