Friday Ramblings From An Author-New Cover

The first Friday in June. I love that the days are getting longer and it seems like there’s more time to write. Last Saturday I got up early, made myself a mug of tea, and decided to sit and write for two hours. I got lots written and I can’t remember ever doing that in the winter so maybe it makes me a summer writer.

One of my favorite shows returned this week-Longmire. I watched all last season’s episodes again before watching the new episode. Judging by the preview of what’s coming up, it’s only getting better. I can’t wait!

Today I finished the second draft of my new Perfect Pairing story. I usually give my stories a third draft where I fine tune everything. This one’s been a little different from the others as one of the characters is a shape shifter.

Once I’m done with that I’ll be starting on a new Big Sky County story and then another Kalispell Shifters one. Evernight has a new series called Planet Alpha that’s just for in house authors and I’m thinking about trying something for that. I haven’t tackled Sci-Fi before so it might be fun and I love a challenge.

Not sure when the next Kalispell Shifter story will be released this month but it’s called Bringing Home The Bear and will be published under Evernight’s Romance On The Go Line.

July 4th sees the release of my first book for Forever More Publishing and here’s a look at the cover designed by April Martinez-


Happy writing and enjoy the weekend.

Friday Ramblings


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