Friday Ramblings From An Author-So Many Books, So Little Time

Almost the middle of summer and I haven’t read as many books as I’d planned. Anyone else face that dilemma? It’s either write or read and for me writing has to take priority.

Another thing that’s taken some of my time is outside work. We’ve had lots of rain and the weeds are flourishing. This week instead of reading I’ve been cleaning up the flower beds. I often find that some of my best ideas pop into my head when I’m working outside in the garden. In fact, just today I got an idea for my fourth shifter story.

I completed edits on my first story in Big Sky County series, It’s called Mac (The Connor Ranch) but not sure of its release date yet. As always I’m looking forward to seeing the cover and the look the artist will give to the series.

One writing goal I didn’t meet (July 1st) was for my cookbook. I still have to take photographs of some of the dishes and plan some of the layout. I guess having to wear all the hats, editor, photographer, designer etc. is the only drawback when you’re self-publishing.

I might not have been reading as much as I wanted to, but how about you? Stumbled across any good books this summer or even found a new author? Anything you can recommend to the rest of us?


Happy writing and have a relaxing weekend.




Friday Ramblings

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