Friday Ramblings From An Author-Hello August

August already. It’s not just me who thinks summer’s going by too quickly because other people have also been commenting on how fast July flew by.

I took some time off this week and gave my garden some TLC. I lost count how many weeds I pulled and I’m still only half done. One thing I love about gardening is it’s often my favorite time to think up more stories. In fact, if you ever have writer’s block or not sure what you’re going to write next, do some gardening or go for a walk. There’s just something about being outside that nudges the creative muse.

One chore that finally got finished last weekend was the painting of the garden shed. You might remember it got damaged in last year’s hail storm and even had to have a new roof. It looks great, new colors, new screens, and now more than ever I’m tempted to make it a place to read and write. I didn’t get time this week, but on next week’s Friday Ramblings I post a few photos.

Working on two stories right now and actually love switching back and forth because they’re different genres. My next release will be sometime this month and it’s back to cowboys with the first story in my new Western themed Big Sky County.

Speaking of cowboys, my favorite show, Longmire has its season finale on Monday. It’s been better than ever and if last week’s episode is anything to go by, it’s going to be great. If you haven’t seen the show yet, check it out. Entertaining stories each week and everyone, including the guests, are great in their roles. For me it’s another reason to look forward to summer.

Happy writing and have a good week.

Friday Ramblings

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