Friday Ramblings From An Author-Last Friday of September

It’s officially fall, we’re heading into the last weekend of September and today it feels like summer again. I took the opportunity to head outside to get some leaves raked and now it’s back to work.

The NaNoWriMo workshop is winding down and I decided I’m going to take the challenge again this year. Last November I worked on all three books in my Big Sky Cowboys series but this year I still haven’t decided what I’ll tackle. I might try a mystery or even try to finish a couple of stories I started but got sidetracked when ideas for other stories popped into my head.
Anyone else taking this year’s challenge? If so, what have you decided to write?

This week I’ve been working on edits for upcoming books. I’m also working on two new stories, one’s for my Big Sky County series and I’ve opted to go with a historical just for something different. It features mail order brides so I’ve been reading books on that topic. I can’t believe how brave these ladies were traveling across the country for days, sometimes weeks on end, to marry men they’d only corresponded with a few times. My other story is set in Victorian London and has a suspense element to it.

Next release for me is Cade, Book Two in the Big Sky County series. It will be released sometime this month but not sure of the date yet, and as always I’m looking forward to seeing the cover.

Have a good week and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings


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