Friday Ramblings From An Author-Release Day

Today’s a book release day for me. Under the Master from Forever More Publishing went on sale.

I also got my book cover for my January 2nd release from them called Copper and here’s a sneak peek-

Today was more like summer and I decided to rake leaves and catch up with my writing later. I’m hoping to have my cookbook finished very soon. I keep saying that but then I decide to add more recipes.

I did finish book four of my Big Sky County series and got it to Evernight Publishing. It will probably be either a January or February release.
Now I’m working on book five of the Kalispell Shifters series.

Any one taking part in this year’s NaWriNoMo? I’ll be heading a support group made up of some of my students and writing buddies. Last year I knew what I was going to write during November but this time around I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to narrow it down. Although I’m thinking a new trilogy might be a good pick, but realized just today I only have a week left to decide.

Speaking of NaWriNoMo,I saw this free book mentioned on the Bookbaby blog if anyone’s interested-

My to read pile is getting taller and with November around the corner and devoting more time to writing it means it won’t get any shorter. It’s tough when you’re an avid reader but I guess writing has to come first.

Happy writing and have a good weekend…the final one in October.

Friday Ramblings


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