Five Things I Learned During NaWriNoMo

This year’s NaWriNoMo challenge is history. I took part for the second year and here are a few things I discovered about writing and also myself as a writer-

Some Days Are Tough
There were a few days where my fingers flew across the keys. Sometimes they found it hard to keep up with my mind. Other days weren’t so productive. I think that’s true of non-challenge days too. Learn to accept it as a fact and stay the course.

If You Get Stuck Move On
I followed the same strategy as last year. When I got stuck on a scene or even my WIP I switched to another story.

Try and Finish the Day In the Middle of Something Important in Your Story
I’ve found if I stopped in the middle of a vital scene or a turning point getting back to the story the following day made the writing that much faster and smoother.

Know There’s Always Tomorrow
Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t reach your goal. Tomorrow’s another writing day.

Learn to Figure Out What’s The Problem
On some days it wasn’t that I couldn’t figure out what to write next but I was tired from other work and under regular conditions would have called it a day. Maybe it’s not the writing that’s wrong, but you need a nap or a snack etc.

Give Yourself Full Permission
I’m at the point where I’ve come to accept that first drafts aren’t perfect and I shouldn’t keep going back over what I’ve written the previous day to make them that way…that’s what the second draft’s all about.

Writing How Tos

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