Friday Ramblings From An Author-First of the Year

Welcome to 2015. With so many holidays and days off I’ve lost track of what day it is.

Tomorrow I kick off the New Year teaching a webinar then on Monday two workshops are supposed to begin but they might be pushed back another week in hopes that more people will register. If you know anyone who’s interested in workshops on synopsis writing and/or POV, my teaching schedule section on this site has all the details about where to register.

Today’s the first release day of the year and it’s my novella called Copper set in Victorian London. Next up on the 14th, the next installment in my Big Sky County series which goes back in time and focuses on the topic of mail order brides.

Right now I’m working on my short sci fi story and the seventh book in my Kalispell Shifter series. I’m also reformatting my cookbook ready for the release of the print edition later this month.

Anyone else read that e-book sales lagged behind print sales last year? I must admit although my books are almost all e-books I do see enjoy reading print books too. Something about curling up with a novel and actually turning the pages is very satisfying.

Has anyone made any writing goals or resolutions for the year? I have two main ones, complete all the stories I started and never finished. Second one is to take a class on scriptwriting and write a script based on one of my stories. We’ll see how I do on both goals.

Happy New Year to all and have a good first week of the year.

Friday Ramblings

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