Friday Ramblings From An Author-It’s Cold

It’s really, really, really cold where I’m at. And yes, I know a writer shouldn’t rely on so many adverbs. However, unless you’ve experienced temperatures with a minus in front of them it’s almost impossible to tell you how cold it actually is.

Bad news about the weather but the good news is being inside’s forced me to do lots of things. I’ve ‘sort of’ cleaned and organized my desk. Probably won’t be that pristine for long but it’s a start.

I also registered for five writing classes on Udemy while they had a New Year sale going on and each cost just $10. I’ve been naughty about classes in the past and haven’t kept up with assignments because it took too much time away from my writing. However, what I like about these is I can study at my leisure and they’re are no cutoff deadlines. It’s actually got me thinking about setting up my own workshops like that so people don’t feel pressured to finish them or won’t sign up because they know they won’t have time to study the lessons.

One class I signed up for is a scriptwriting one which I thought would put me in the right direction for meeting one of my writing goals for the year. And yes, I even loaded my Final Draft software onto my laptop.

Speaking of workshops, the ones I’m teaching got pushed back a week in hope that more people would register. We’re still on the low side but fingers crossed things pick up this weekend.

One other thing the bad weather has forced me to do is spend more time reading and I just finished A Street Cat Named Bob, And How He Saved My Life by James Bowen. If there’s a story about an animal out there I’ll read it and this one I can highly recommend. It’s well-written, entertaining story that shows how an animal can help you during your darkest days. My own fur baby sits with me while I write so this book really hit home for me. In fact, I liked it so much that I’m starting a separate page on this site listing books I’ve read and recommend. Bob will be the first.

One other thing I’ve going to start on this site is a weekly interview with an editor at various publications.

I finally got back to Twitter. I’d set up an account for this site but then forgot all about it until I was organizing my desk and saw it written down in a notebook. If anyone’s interested it’s @thiswriterslife.

You might think I didn’t have any time for writing but I did. I’m now about 15,000 words into my seventh Kalispell Shifter book. My next release is Wednesday…back to the cowboy stories. I’d hoped to have the cover to share with you but I haven’t received it but definitely will post it here next Friday.

Happy writing and have a fun week.

Friday Ramblings


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