Friday Ramblings From An Author-A Little of This and A Little of That

Another busy week doing all sorts of things, teaching, doing some edits, taking a couple of writing classes, and finally getting my cookbook set up for print publication.

It seems like the two workshops I’ve been teaching have only just started and next week they’re over. Next month I’m teaching the synopsis writing workshop again and also my are we there yet? class which is all about polishing a manuscript before you send it to an editor or agent. If you know anyone interested in either of these two topics they can check out the details on my teaching schedule page of this site.

The workshop numbers have been down for the last year so my question of the week is what sort of topics do you want to see covered in writing workshops? Is there a class you’d love to take but you can’t find it anywhere?

One other thing I’ve been doing this week is revising my how to write a romance book. I’m adding more content, writing assignments and a bonus chapter on writing prompts and hope to have it ready to launch either at the end of February or early March.

My next release is A Wolf’s Mate…not been given an exact date for that but it will be sometime in February. Right now I’m working on the eighth book in the shifter series and hope to have the first draft finished this weekend.

And speaking of series, I had lots of fun last weekend teaching a webinar on that topic. In March I’m offering it in workshop format.

I heard today that one of my publishers is adding three new imprints, one of which is a crime/mystery line which gives me more incentive to get my mystery actually finished this year.

And yes, I even got started on my first screenplay this week.

Happy writing and hope you have a fun week.

Friday Ramblings


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