Friday Ramblings From An Author-Another Busy Week

Another busy week doing a little of everything. I finally finished my WIP and got it to my publisher. Did edits on my March release, and next week contains a release day for me. Last month it was cowboys, but this month it’s the shifters again. On Wednesday A Wolf’s Mate will be released and here’s a look at the cover-


Now I’m working on a short sci-fi novella. My first attempt at this genre and so far it’s been fun.

I’m still working on adding content to my how to write a romance book and reformatting and working on the photos for the print version of my cookbook.

A new workshop also begin this week. One had to be canceled due to low numbers so it’s got me wondering what format writers prefer when they’re considering a class. I’m wondering if self-paced is the way to go. You can read the lessons and do the assignments whenever you have the time. Many of the students seem to like to work directly with me rather than in the group so in the fall I’m going to launch one on one workshops where beginning authors can do just that.

Something else I have planned, and for this site, is a new feature where I’ll interview an editor about their publishing house or magazine…or whatever and ask them to share details about what they are and what they’re not currently looking for. Look out for the first one in the next few weeks.

Any particular magazine, publisher, e-zine, that you’d like to know more about? Leave a comment here or on Twitter @thiswriterslife.

It’s now back to work for the afternoon…

Have a fun week and happy writing.

Friday Ramblings


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