Friday Ramblings From an Author-Advance Those Clocks

Looks like warmer days ahead and I can’t wait for the first day when all the snow’s gone and I can head out on the deck with my laptop. After being inside all winter I’ve promised myself more al fresco writing this year.

If you live in the US that means you need to move the time on your clocks forward by one hour this weekend. It’s usually dark by the time I finish writing for the day and next week it will be light. Not sure if that makes me more productive or not.

I got lots done this week. Finally got my WIP completed. The last couple of days I’ve been working on my 50 Common Writing Sins book and about to start work on my next WIP, book six in the Big Sky County series. Another step back to the 1800s and more research to do. Two workshops kicked off as well.

Yesterday my seventh book in my Kalispell Shifter series was released and I’m honored that it was chosen as my publisher’s Editor’s Pick. I didn’t have the cover to share with you last rambling so here it is-

I’m taking a course on self publishing on Kindle. Very informative and lots of good stuff and I’ll tell you more about soon.

Happy writing and have a fun week.

Friday Ramblings


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