Friday Ramblings From An Author-A Little Of This and That



The title of this Ramblings sums up my week perfectly. I’ve been working on lessons for next month’s new workshop. Working on my three WIPs. Sweating away at getting my new coaching site created.

Speaking of which, I’m learning a lot and feeling proud of myself as the most non-techy person I know, when something goes right. I’ve even discovered that I quite like designing Web sites. I just need to purchase a plug in that I hope will run all the self-paced workshops smoothly, and the site will be up and running.

And before I forget, if anyone’s interested (or you know someone who is), in a bootcamp style workshop I’m teaching about plotting your novel, there’s only 2 spots left. The bootcamp kicks off in June and runs the entire month. It’s the first time I’m offering this sort of workshop and I hope it’s going to be fun.

My next release is on Monday, when I’ll be self pubbing an older title called Cater to Me. I’ve revamped it and added three more chapters. It’s always fun when you revisit older stories.

Most of the writing and book related newsletters I’ve been getting this week have focused on one thing…books you must read this summer. My childhood summers were spent sitting outside reading as much as I could. Sometimes I wish I could return to those days but grown up life calls and I no longer get to all the books on my list.

Have a good week and happy writing to all.




Friday Ramblings

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