Friday Ramblings From An Author-Long Weekend

May is winding down and it’s been a busy month. So busy that it seems like it’s flown by but I did get a few things checked off my to do list.

I’m teaching three workshops next month. The first one starts on Wednesday and is the My Story’s Been Rejected, Now What? boot camp. The following Monday kicks off with the Plotting the Novel boot camp. (I think all the spots are taken in that one). Also, kicking off on the 6th is my writing the Erotic Romance and Erotica workshop.

Fool that I am, I’ve decided to release a new story every Thursday in June. The first one will be book one in my new paranormal series titled Forbidden Shifters. Here’s a look at the cover-



I’m still working on the workshops I hope to upload to various platforms . I’m thinking about delaying the launch of my new coaching business until September when everyone’s back from vacation and shorter days descend upon us again.

Speaking of which, it’s a holiday weekend for those in both the US and UK. I’ve told myself I’ll take things easy and just sit and read but knowing me that’s probably not going to happen.

Have a good week, a fun extended weekend, and a happy writing to all.

I won’t be posting a writing prompt on Monday but they’ll return on June 6th.



Friday Ramblings

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