Friday Ramblings From An Author-Lots of News

Welcome to fall. When I was young it used to be my favorite season but now I’m older and responsible for raking leaves, it’s not so much fun.

It’s been a news packed week. I’ve decided to teach on the Skillshare platform and I’ve spent most of the week creating my first class…I’ll tell you more about that once it goes live.

I told you last week about turning How to Write A Romance Novel into an audio book and that project is now in progress.

Yesterday I had wonderful news from one of the students I tutor. Previously she’d told me she’d been shortlisted for a competition she’d entered and guess what, she won! I’m very happy for her and I know it’s the beginning of great things for her.

And today…well I should back up a bit here. I always look for something to do in the evenings once I finish writing and sitting watching the TV. I used to knit and sew but it got too tiring for my hands so for the last few months I’ve been sketching.  Yesterday I got up the courage to submit some of creations to a company who was looking for designers and guess what, they’ve welcomed me on board. I thought maybe it was going to be a bit like writing, lots of rejections before you hit pay dirt so it came as a total surprise. Once my designs up on the site I’ll give you a link.

Anyone else also pursue something creative besides writing? I have to say sketching has also helped my writing so it’s  win-win for me.

I finished the first draft of my new cowboy story and now it’s time for a second draft and some tweaking.

And here’s a look at my release of the week-


Enjoy the last week of September and happy writing to all.


Friday Ramblings

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