Friday Ramblings From An Auth0r-It’s Almost NaNoWriMo

Almost the end of October, almost Halloween and that means it’s almost time for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Lots of my students are taking part this year. How about you?

I haven’t taken the challenge for three years but thought I’d do it this year because I want to write a mystery. One tip I always give is to start your novel before Nov 1st so it takes the pressure off you on day one. I began my story two nights ago. Another tip is sometimes you have to give up something and for me that’s my nightly reading. Instead of spending  an hour before bed reading, I’m writing the mystery. I thought about writing it during my regular writing time but have projects already lined up which means I’d fall behind so this is the only way I can do it.

Most of you know that I tutor for an online writing school and next week I’ve been picked as tutor of the week. And my last workshop of the year finishes on Sunday.

Release of the week was book two in my Fantasy LLC series, here’s a look at the cover-




Right now I’m working on another book in my Forbidden Shifters series and then I think it will be time for another cowboy story.

Have a fun week and Halloween and happy writing to all.



Friday Ramblings

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