Friday Ramblings From An Author-Is It March?

Today I feel like someone’s fast forwarded the calendar and it’s really the end of March. I sat outside on the deck and couldn’t believe that it is in reality only mid-February. The sun was shining and birds were showing up in the garden and singing a spring chorus. I guess they’re as confused as I am about this unseasonably warm weather.

So apart from the weather what’s been going on this week?

The synopsis bootcamp is over and if any of the participants from that class are reading this, you were some of the best and most dedicated students I’ve taught. Believe me they worked hard, they worked non-stop, and they all had such wonderful stories that I know editors and agents will request to see all of them. Hats off to you!

I’m almost caught up with all my back titles. Just one more to go but then I get rights back to another story in April! I decided to publish an older story under one of my ongoing series which I felt was a perfect fit. As I’ve been short on time I’ve been creating more of my own book covers and here’s my latest one for my new release



And finally, yes, this is something that’s been in the works for a long time. I got my self publishing site ready and actually posted something on the site. If you want to check it out, follow it, even contribute to it here’s the link My goal is to post something there at least twice a week so stop by and say hello.

After my short break outside, I’m now ready to get back to work…

Have a good week and happy writing to all.

Friday Ramblings

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