Month: October 2017

Monday Writing Prompts-Scared

  It’s almost Halloween so you’ve probably guessed the focus of this week’s prompt. It’s all about being scared.   It doesn’t have to be horror story scary but your character needs to face something that increases their heart rate. It could be a visit to the dentist, taking a driving test, or even asking…

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Monday Writing Prompts-Tunnel

This week your character finds him or herself driving through this tunnel. Where are they going? Are they afraid of tunnels? Do they make it safely through to the other side? Does an accident happen inside the tunnel delaying or even trapping them for hours? Perhaps they’re entering the tunnel inside of a dream. Have fun and happy writing.

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Stronger Writing

  I’ve been sorting through half-finished manuscripts stored on my laptop. And as many of you know, I’ve also been revamping stories whose rights have been returned to me. These are older stories I wrote 5 or more years ago and revisiting them is teaching me a lot and hopefully making me a better writer…

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