Monday Motivation-Perfection Not Allowed



Welcome to the first Monday Motivation post.  Today’s focus is on a topic I wrote about for my January Writer’s Room article and that’s perfection.

Perfection is something that can actually stop us from reaching our goals or trying something new like writing a book or a short story.  We compare ourselves to other people or in this case other authors and think we can’t compete with their talent and skill.

Just remind yourself that even these bestselling authors had to start at the same spot you’re at. No matter how great we get at something we all begin that journey as an amateur.

Sit down and write with that in mind and give yourself permission to create the not so perfect character the first time around or to pen some awful dialogue on your first draft. I’m guessing it will give you just the motivation you need when that voice in your head says you’re not perfect enough to be a writer.

Happy writing.

Monday Motivation

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