Friday Ramblings From An Author-The Universe Sends a Message



Happy snowy Friday…yes, snowed again and more snow is on its way. I’m looking forward to spring this year.

Remember last year I wrote the first draft of a TV pilot? Yes, you say, but what happened to it? I’m ashamed to say it’s sitting in a notebook. I’d handwritten it because that’s what I do when I start a new to me form of writing. The notebook has sat on my desk. It’s been calling out don’t just leave me sitting here doing nothing. However, other things have taken my time. Not that I haven’t thought about the TV pilot and guilt’s washed over me just about every week.  Sometimes the universe sends you a message. Sometimes it kicks you up the butt. Yesterday I think it did both.

I opened my e-mail to find details about an upcoming screenwriting contest…beginners only…yes, that’s me…tv category, sounds good, prizes include $10,000 and a free trip to LA, oh yeah, count me in. Early bird deadline March 14th…oh but wait I have other projects.

To cut a long story short, I’m going to enter this contest and I’m going with the early bird deadline so it gives me the incentive to get this script put into screenplay format and polished. The universe has even sent a snowy weekend my way so I can sit by the fire with a glass of wine as I work on what I hope is my masterpiece.

Having said that I now have ten books whose rights I have back and who are in need of revamping, major overhaul, covers made, you name it. And a new workshop begins on Thursday…plotting your novel, if anyone’s interested.

Wish me luck as I dive into the world of TV pilots and trying to meet that March 14th deadline!

Oh and before I say goodbye for the week, if you’re interested in being a book reviewer, Coffeetime Romance is in need of some help. It’s a volunteer position but you’ll get free books to read. What could be better than that? They’re a great bunch of people and Karenne who owns Coffeetime is a lovely lady. If you want to find out more here’s the e-mail address and feel free to say that Susan P sent you.


Have a wonderful week, stay warm, (if like me you’re in the frozen tundra), and happy writing to all.


Friday Ramblings

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