Monday Motivation-Even If It’s One of Those Days



Last week I watched the final night of the women’s figure skating contest at the Olympics.  Lots of the skaters weren’t have the skate of their lives, but one in particular had a tough night. Every jump she made ended in her falling. I felt for her and I almost cried for her.

Not that I’ve ever been in a figure skating competition, truth is this author can’t even skate! However, I felt this girl’s pain and frustration of doing something she loved but things weren’t going to plan.

I’ve had days when I’ve sat down to write and the character who I thought was going to be perfect for the story turned out to be not as captivating as I’d hoped. Or the dazzling dialogue that’s played around in my head all day, when it came out of the characters’ mouths, was flat and boring. The plot that I had planned wasn’t going anyway.

This is the author’s version of the night of falling down on the ice. No matter what your passion, it’s just a rule of the universe that some days are going to be tough which makes you question why you’re even bothering to do this.

This week, let’s take our inspiration from the skater. She kept on falling but she kept on getting up too. I’m guessing the next time she steps onto the ice she’s going to be perfect just like our stories.

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