Wednesday Writing Prompts-Turmoil in the Skies



Seems like every day there’s another news story about turmoil in the skies. Disruptive passengers, fights breaking out because someone doesn’t like what someone did or said, passengers who aren’t going to take being seated on an airplane for five hours, lightly. Some of the stories make you angry while some make you laugh out loud. However, what all the stories have in common is they’re perfect starting points for stories.

This week your challenge is to come up with a story centered around the theme of turmoil in the skies. Just like real life, it could be humorous or take a more serious approach.

Maybe your character gets into a fight or sits next to the most obnoxious person in the world. Perhaps they’re an innocent bystander but still find themselves involved in the chaos.

Have fun and happy writing.

Wednesday Writing Prompts

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