Friday Ramblings From An Author-Happy March

It’s hard to believe two months of 2018 are already history. I know February’s a short one, but it did fly by.

Thank you to all the February guest bloggers. I hope you’ll agree they shared some great tips on a wide array of writing topics. I have more lined up for March and this coming week, a guest blogger will share some self care tips just for us writers.  This month I’ll also have some interviews with a couple of bestselling authors too. It’s going to be an action packed four weeks.

Yesterday, my novel plotting bootcamp kicked off. I always enjoy the bootcamp style classes and I hope my students do too.

I got another book revamped and uploaded…just another nine to go! Here’s a look at the cover I made myself-

Susan walsh

And if you’re wondering how things are faring with the TV pilot. I have the first draft typed up into screenplay format and now I’ll be adding more detail and polishing it. I’m hoping to reach the early deadline of March 14th but I’ve told myself if I don’t feel it’s ready then I’ll go for the next one. It’s been the perfect thing for me to do because I’m actually learning more about the novel writing process. It sounds strange but I’ve realized lots of things about writing a novel that I’d never thought about before. I’ll be sharing my insights with you later this month because I think you’ll find them helpful too.

My week started off with one of the wheels falling off the mobile computer desk I use when I write sitting on the couch. It’s now being held together with the wonderful silver tape that seems to come to everyone’s rescue now and then. I think it was my cat’s fault. He’ll be twenty this July but still loves to climb on the coffee table and then jump onto the laptop/computer desk. I told him the replacement cost is coming out of his retirement fund. He’s always been with me whenever I write so I think he might also be an author at heart. Either that or he’s just waiting to be fed!

Have a good week and happy writing to all.

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